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 specializing in the research, development and production of automotive rearview mirrors.



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hongweiteStrength witness glory, quality creates brilliance.

The company focuses on the excellent quality and unique automotive accessory products, which is trustworthy. Sweat and wisdom have witnessed the footsteps of yesterday's struggle, and passion and dreams have triumphed today. On the stage of market economy, we should be enterprising, pioneering and innovative. We should practice the value concept of innovation, creativity and creation in the course of seeking perfection from facts. We can reap endless praise and a great honor. Honor is not only a culture but also an intangible asset for an enterprise. Enterprise honor is an award and praise from the society and the public, which is an important form of brand reputation. The role of corporate honor is to stabilize people's hearts, give employees honor and confidence, and stimulate their enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work. Externally, honor can be a sharp rise in corporate visibility, greatly enhancing consumer trust and support, thus indirectly converting into huge assets. Among them, outside is the main reason why enterprises want to be honoured. So honor is a kind of intangible asset, which is also a lot of enterprises continue to strive and even try to get some honorary titles from the government media to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.